What Some True Patriots Made Biden Do PROVES He’s Not Right Mentally!

When you’re not in the right mind, basically you can not make good decisions and definitely, you’ll have a meltdown.

We all know Joe Biden has really bad dementia which may be one of the reasons for all his bad decisions.

It has been 9 months since President Joe Biden has been installed in the White House and things are not going really well. Yikes!

Biden’s legacy has been well-known a failure, destructive and unfair.

Recently, Biden was slammed by a crowd in Howell, Michigan and the ‘F Joe Biden’ has been a national pastime chant recently and it is well deserved, to be honest.

Well, the bad criticism for the President has been the most consistent for his Joe Biden and surprisingly, he can not handle or accept, instead, he blames other people.

The pressure of his poor choices and lousy decisions, and the realization that he’s not liked by anyone, is eating away at Joe…as it should, because he’s not only evil and arrogant man, he’s also a confused, bumbling sham “president” and everyone knows it…and I think it’s starting to register with confused Joe, too.

While he was speaking in Michigan, Biden let it leak out how bothered he is over the massive show of support for Trump that he sees time and time again when he’s in his motorcade.

Well, where are his supporters?

Watch it here:

The humiliation for Joe is really worthy. He should step down now.

Source: WayneDupree

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