If Joe Thought The Bike Thing Was Bad, We’ve Found A 14 Second Video That’s WAY Worse!

When Joe Biden ran in the 2020 election, the left was busy touting him as a spry and energetic man.

That Joe was ready to rock and roll.

That he had the energy of 20 younger men and was able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Ok, maybe they didn’t say that, but they certainly did make it sound like Joe was full of all the energy and grace to lead the nation.

However, when he stepped out onto the world stage, his appearance did not match the descriptions being said about him.

Joe Biden appeared to be feeble and frail.

Everyone saw it, but the handlers told us to ignore our lying eyes and ears, and believe this fairytale, that Joe Biden was a sprite, fit, mentally sharp, wise “grandfather” who would guide us elegantly out of treacherous and bombastic waters.

According to the Handlers, Joe was so energetic and such a house on fire that America would just have to learn to keep up with him.
Do you remember that?

This was some A-grade propaganda, right?

However, instead of getting this guy which is being promoted as WAGU meat, we got a can of spam.

To emphasize that fact, and also to have some fun with the insane propaganda Joe’s Handlers unleashed on the country, one Trump supporter took 14-seconds of audio from Joe’s infamous “fitness” ad and dubbed it over some of his most, um, clumsy moments…

It’s pretty funny and very creative.

You can watch the video below:

That was pretty great, wasn’t it? And a spot-on representation of the truth.

This is what the Handlers and the Regime hate most of all…that we’ve dared to notice how frail and senile their guy is, and that we’ve called it out and mocked them.


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