Teacher is Fired For Calling Police After Student Sexually Assaulted Her

A teacher was bent over looking into a microscope, when a student exposed his penis and began rubbing it against her legs and buttocks.

Judy Sugar was a teacher at Mary McLeod Bethune Junior and Senior High School in the Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School District in Dobbs Ferry, New York. She is now suing the school district after they fired her for reporting him to the police.

The thing is, the police were not the first ones contacted by Sugar. Sugar reported the incident to Principal Elton Thompson, who took no action.

She then reported it to the head teacher who blew her off. She told Sugar that she could go to the police station after work.

But instead, she called the police who came right to the school. The principal got angry that Sugar called the police and he ordered off school grounds immediately. She was later notified that she had been fired over the incident. She has since filed a lawsuit against the school, naming the principal as a co-respondent.  She is suing for her job back, back wages, damages and lawyer fees. Offhand, I’d say the school is going to pay through the nose as well they should.

From The Blaze

What happened to the teacher?

  • Four days later the principal told Sugar she was fired “because of complaints by students and other teachers,” the lawsuit said.
  • The principal also said Sugar was not a permanent employee and had no right to a hearing and that he could fire her without any fear of repercussion, the lawsuit added.
  • But Sugar claimed in the lawsuit that the actual reason she was fired was for purportedly violating a policy that prohibits teachers from calling the police to report crimes on school grounds without approval.
  • The district hadn’t previously published such a policy, the lawsuit said, and Sugar wasn’t aware of it.
  • The lawsuit also said Sugar believed another reason she was fired was because Thompson, the principal, didn’t want a crime reported as it would reflect badly upon him professionally.
  • The lawsuit added that Thompson — who’s listed as a defendant in the lawsuit — failed to act on Sugar’s previous complaints about the student.

The school has not responded to requests for comment.

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