Whoa, Joe Biden Caught In Massive Lie About His Dead Wife…..

Joe Biden can’t tell the truth. This is nothing new though, he’s always been this way. He could get away with these lies before the Internet and social media were a thing. If Joe told a lie back in 1992, someone would have to go to the library and use the microfiche to try and find an article to debunk what he said, and then what would they do with it? Call a few friends and tell them.

This is why Joe is so used to lying and why he did it for so much of his career.

Some of his lies are pretty big, like when he said he graduated at the top of his class in college. That was not true. He graduated at the bottom. Or recently, when he told a group in Colorado that his son Beau Biden died in Iraq. That was also not true. Beau died in 2015 from brain cancer.

Some lies are smaller, where Biden omits pieces of information or contorts the story to make it sounder better for himself. That’s what he did with this latest lie about his first wife. It wasn’t a humdinger, but again, it’s not true how told the story, and you can tell why. He wanted to make himself sound better.

Joe likes to fit into whatever group he’s talking to. This is the pathological part of Joe, the personality disorder… He’s a narcissist and probably has psychopathic traits. He will be whatever he needs to be to “connect” with the people he’s speaking to, so he can ultimately manipulate them to get what he wants.

Now, with his obvious case of dementia, things are a helluva lot worse, so he’s just throwing lies out left, right, and center… and much to Joe’s dismay, he’s getting fact-checked in real-time…and I have another whopper for you, this time he’s using his first wife, who died in a car accident that she caused (by the way, Joe also lied about that, and said she was hit by a drunk driver for many years until the family of the man she hit, threatened to sue).

Anyway, Joe told some people that the reason he gave up a starting spot on the University of Delaware football team in order to visit his first wife every weekend after he met her…

Really Joe? Are you sure you wanna stick to that story?

You can watch the video below:

Well, it turns out that Joe didn’t give up his starting spot because of a girl.

He actually lost it, because he had lousy grades. Joe Biden isn’t a very smart person.

But I will say this, there is some shred of truth to what he said, but he’s either very confused or strategically leaving out a key point.

I think it’s the later. 

Here’s what The DP reported on, about Biden’s college football stint: However, by Biden’s own admission, he did not last long on the team that year, quitting after the fall season to focus on his studies after earning a dismal 1.9-grade point average.

“When my first semester grades came out, my mom and dad told me I wouldn’t be playing spring football,” Biden wrote in “Promises to Keep.”

Rejoining the team and making the varsity squad remained Biden’s goal until his junior year.

“I hadn’t played for two years, but I surprised the coaches by moving up the depth chart fast,” he wrote. “After the annual spring game that April, it looked like I had a shot to start at defensive back. I couldn’t wait until next September; I could almost see the fall season unfold in my head.”

The dream season didn’t come to pass, however. That spring, Biden met Neilia Hunter while on vacation in Florida, and immediately fell in love. Since Hunter lived in Syracuse, Biden realized he would have to choose between spending his weekends with her or playing football. He picked Hunter and quit the team. She would become his first wife.

There was no “starting spot” for Joe to lose at that point. He’d already lost it to his cruddy grades. At the time he gave up and decided to hang out with his first wife, he didn’t have a “starting spot,” or any spot, for that matter.

Again, another mistruth, a twisting of the facts, so that he can look like the “best guy” in the world.

Joe Biden is a complete and total fraud.

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