Luke Combs Heard A Fan Was In Legal Trouble, What He Did Will Warm Your Heart….

Luke Combs, a country singer, intervened to correct the situation when an overly aggressive legal team sued a Florida craftswoman for $250,000 for selling items worth $380.

Combs went viral after announcing that he was not only dropping the legal dogs pursuing Nicol Harness—a congestive heart failure sufferer who makes money selling homemade gifts on Amazon—but that he was also going to pay her twice the amount that had been frozen by the lawsuit his team had filed, apparently unbeknownst to him.

WFLA-TV in Tampa, Florida, reported on Tuesday on the case of Harness, whose sole source of income was selling tumblers and T-shirts she manufactured on the internet mega-market.

According to the article, the Pinellas Park woman is “a big Luke Combs fan, and says that after going to his concert in Tampa this summer, she decided to start offering a Luke Combs-themed tumbler.” She claims she purchased artwork online and sold 18 tumblers for $20 apiece, totaling $380.

“Now, she’s learned Combs sued her in federal court in Illinois, along with various others, for selling counterfeit merchandise,” WFLA reported. “The worst part — the case is already closed, and the judge ordered each defendant, including Harness, to pay $250,000 to Combs.”

“It’s very stressful. I don’t have money to pay my bills,” Harness told the station.

“I just want this resolved. I didn’t mean any harm to Luke Combs. I quit selling the tumbler. I pulled it down. I just don’t understand.”

“I sent so many messages to Amazon asking for answers but couldn’t figure it out,” she added.

Harness told the channel that an email in her junk folder in October informed her of the lawsuit and allowed her only 21 days to respond. She stated that it is an address she rarely uses.

“Frankly, to find out that in Illinois they are now allowing email service, this may be the test case for why that shouldn’t happen,” attorney Matt Weidner told WFLA. “I certainly encourage her to communicate with the court and tell her side of the story.”

Combs, best known for tunes like “Fast Car” and “Beautiful Crazy,” rendered that side of the equation obsolete.

In a social media video posted on Wednesday, he claimed the scenario “makes me sick to my stomach.”

“I spent the last two hours trying to make this right,” Combs said in the clip. “Trying to figure out what’s going on, ’cause I was completely and utterly unaware of this.”

He also mentioned that he does “have a company that goes after folks—only supposedly large corporations operating internationally—that make millions and millions of dollars… making counterfeit T-shirts [and] things of that nature” emblazoned with his image and name.

“And apparently this woman Nicol has somehow gotten wrapped into that, and that makes me absolutely sick to my stomach,” he continued.

The country star went on to say that he “was able to get Nicole’s phone number, I spoke to her this morning … talking to her, I just — it makes me sick, honestly, that this would happen, especially at the holidays.”

Given that her Amazon account was frozen for $5,500, Combs’ first step in making things right was to send her double the amount, $11,000, on Wednesday, “just so she doesn’t have anything to worry about.”

Furthermore, he revealed that he will be creating his tumbler for his merch store, with all proceeds going to Harness to help cover her medical bills and expenditures.

“She was never supposed to be involved in anything like this,” Combs said apologetically in the clip.

“This is not something that I would ever do. This is not the kind of person that I am.”

For his reaction, social media followers seemed to agree that he was a stand-up man.

What is unclear is what will become of the legal verdict. According to what Combs is saying, he wants his team to forget about it so he can get on with more important things, like bringing Harness to another performance for free.

“I invited Nicol and her family out to a show this year so I can give her a hug and say sorry in person,” he said in the video. “And yeah, I love you guys. I just wanted to clear that up because it makes me sick for anybody to be thinking I’m this kind of person.”

Granted, this would not have looked good on any celebrity, but few would have replied as sincerely and apologetically as Combs has.

Congratulations to him!

Mr. Combs, our hats are off to you.



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