She Confronted Her Daughter’s Bully, And Now They’re Charging Her With…

A variety of opinions were shared by parents of children who had been bullied. As there was an increase in worries about bullying in American schools. In some instances, parents expressed dissatisfaction and even anger over what the school did or did not do in response to their child being bullied. Despite everyone’s best efforts, many schools appeared unable to resolve this ongoing issue.

As a result, parents are now desperate to protect their kids and frequently have no choice but to step in.

In the town of Aberdeen, Maryland, there lived a mother named Kelly Sadik who faced this very dilemma. Her beloved daughter was tormented by a bully at Aberdeen Middle School, and despite numerous attempts to involve the school authorities, the situation remained unchanged. This brave mother decided it was time to take matters into her own hands.

On a chilly morning last week, Kelly followed her daughter to school. With a mixture of concern and determination in her heart, the 41-year-old mother slipped through the school’s entrance at precisely 8:15 am. She trailed her daughter as she navigated the hallways, ultimately arriving at the classroom where the dreaded bully awaited.

As Kelly laid eyes on the 12-year-old tormentor, she could no longer contain her frustration. The school had failed to address the situation, and it was time for her to stand up for her daughter. The confrontation between the worried mother and the young bully escalated quickly. In the heat of the moment, Kelly allegedly attacked the young girl, leaving her with a sizable red mark and bruise on her arm.

Police Captain Will Reiber later recounted the scene, stating, A verbal confrontation ensued. [Sadik] at one point placed their hands on the child, grabbing them to continue the conversation. Ultimately, a teacher was able to intervene.”

The bully’s father, Charles Bates, received a call from the school informing him of the incident. Shocked and horrified, he questioned how the attack could have occurred on school grounds amidst the presence of staff, administrators, and teachers. He expressed his concerns to local news outlet WBAL, saying, “The biggest concern was how quickly she got into the school, she bypassed the office, and then she got a direct location of where my daughter was.”

Despite his daughter’s bullying behavior, Bates couldn’t fathom how an adult could attack a 12-year-old child. He added, “She could have had a weapon. She could have had anything. That’s the most frightening part about it.”

In the aftermath of the assault, Kelly Sadik was arrested and charged with second-degree assault and trespassing. The Harford County Public Schools administration released a statement addressing the incident.

Donoven Brooks, the school’s safety and security chief, told the local news outlet, “We vet folks that are coming into our schools. Protocol was followed today by our staff. Unfortunately, we had a parent that decided to break protocol. Fortunately, we had staff members who immediately identified, through their vigilance and just knowing the building — that there was something that was not right and immediately stepped in to take action.”

And so, the citizens of Aberdeen were left with a pressing question: Was this mother wrong to attack her daughter’s bully, or was she merely doing what she thought necessary to protect her child in a world where the school system failed to do so?

The answer to that question remains a matter of perspective, as the story of Kelly Sadik and the bullying at Aberdeen Middle School continues to resonate in the hearts and minds of the town’s people.

WATCH the video below for more details:

Sources: AWM, Nypost, Yahoo

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