WHOA: Adult Film Star Confesses How A Scene Forced Her To Get Emergency Surgery…

An adult film star clarifies the truth behind her on-set medical emergency and dispels rumors perpetuated by her co-star’s self-promotion.

Angela White, an Aussie adult film star, wants everyone to know that the rumors about her almost dying on set while filming a steamy scene with Keiran Lee are a bit off the mark. So, let’s dive in and figure out what really happened and why it’s crucial to get the facts straight.

So, Angela White spilled the beans on the Only Stands podcast with Glenny Balls, and it turns out that the whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. Sure, she ended up in the ER, but her appendix didn’t burst like everyone’s been saying. She had appendicitis and needed emergency surgery to get that pesky thing removed.

Now, Keiran Lee, in his recent interview on the Pillow Talk podcast, made it sound like his, ahem, “impressive size” was the cause of Angela’s appendicitis. Quite the ego trip, huh? He basically implied that his “talents” during their hour-long scene led to her hospitalization.

But Angela’s not having any of that nonsense. She’s setting the record straight, saying that there’s no medical evidence pointing to his, well, “girth” being the cause of her appendicitis. She admits that his size might have reached places it shouldn’t, but she reckons it was just a fluke that she got appendicitis during their scene.

Honestly, it’s pretty disturbing how someone can use a medical emergency to boost their own image. This whole thing’s been twisted into some crazy story that’s not only spreading lies but also messing with Angela White’s reputation.

“I put her into hospital, and this was actually not on purpose,” he said in February. “We were shooting content, and… we were going at it for over an hour. After that, I’m like, ‘See you, sweetheart. [Have a] lovely day.’”

The truth is that she had a legit medical problem that had nothing to do with her co-star’s “gifts,” and it’s a good thing she got the help she needed.

Keiran could not believe that his first scene with Angela White caused her to have abdominal pain.

“I found out two days later she’d gone back home to Australia. She said her stomach was hurting, and she had to go see a doctor. Apparently, her appendix burst in the scene, which could have killed her.”

In today’s world, where sensationalism rules the roost, we’ve got to be skeptical of the motives behind stories like these. People bending the truth to suit their own ends only create more mistrust and divide us further. It’s high time we gave props to Angela White for setting the record straight and called out those who use others’ experiences to fuel their self-promotion.

WATCH the video below for more details:

Let’s hold these people accountable when they try to twist a story for their own benefit. We’ve got to be sharp and separate fact from fiction and give a shout-out to those who stand up against manipulative storytelling. By pushing back against these tall tales and sticking to the truth, we can build a society that’s all about honesty, integrity, and treating each other right.

Source: AWM

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