A College Has Paid Students Back After She FORCED Them To Pay For Wokeness….

Michigan State University (MSU) will reimburse students in a business course after they were allegedly forced to purchase a subscription to a professor’s website that donated to Planned Parenthood.

Amy Wisner, a fixed-term faculty member at the MSU Broad College of Business, required students in her Marketing Communication course to pay $99 for a subscription to her website called Patriarchy Rebellion. The university launched an investigation into the incident, and the Dean of the College of Business, Judith Whipple, sent an email to students stating that a new professor would be teaching the course and that students would be reimbursed.

“We take student feedback very seriously as we strive for the best educational experiences for our students,” Whipple wrote. “You will receive a one-time credit for $99 to reimburse you for the subscription to The Rebellion Community as this material will no longer be required for the course.”

Whipple also confirmed that the subscription fees will be credited back to students’ MSU accounts within the next two weeks. Wisner is no longer listed on the university directory, and the university did not provide any additional comment on the matter.

According to the Young America’s Foundation New Guard, Wisner’s Patriarchy Rebellion website was promoted as a “safe place to coordinate our efforts to burn everything to the f***ing ground.” The website reportedly donated all membership fees to Planned Parenthood, a US-based reproductive health organization.

A second website founded by Wisner, Cancel the Patriarchy, is still active and is described as “a community of rebels unlearning toxic expectations of patriarchy.” Wisner also operated a GoFundMe campaign to purchase an RV to “cancel the patriarchy” on a “road trip around the United States to co-create communities of rebels committed to doing the work together.” According to the New Guard, Wisner may have raised over $120,000 over two years from her students.

WATCH the video below for more details:

MSU’s decision to reimburse the students comes after weeks of controversy and negative feedback. Students expressed their frustration on social media, calling the subscription fee a “scam” and calling on MSU to take action. The controversy also sparked a national conversation about whether professors should require students to purchase materials or subscribe to websites they disagree with.

In summary, Michigan State University is reimbursing students in a business course after they were required to pay for a subscription to a professor’s website, Patriarchy Rebellion. The website reportedly donated all membership fees to Planned Parenthood. The university launched an investigation into the incident, and a new professor will be teaching the course. MSU is refunding students $99 and has asked them to cancel their subscriptions.

Sources: WesternJournal, New Guard

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