People Are Now Drinking Half Gallons Of Pineapple Juice For An Absolutely Insane Reason…

Each year, millions of people have their wisdom teeth removed. Whether it be due to pain, repeated infection, damage to nearby teeth, or other medical reasoning, getting your wisdom teeth extracted can be daunting. The procedure is known for bringing about a few days of post-surgical pain, swelling, and general angst.

And so, a nursing student shared a sweet hack to reduce swelling and pain for those who’ve had their wisdom teeth removed.

Mackenzie Fuhrman, who is a 21-year-old nursing student, shared on her TikTok a video that shows her with a 46-ounce can of pineapple juice. She says she has a few smaller cans she will add to them to make 64 ounces. She is doing this based on another TikTok video she saw where a woman named Valeria drank 64 ounces of pineapple juice prior to her wisdom teeth surgery (Video Below) as a way to prevent swelling after the procedure and provide nearly instant recovery. Mackenzie said that she further researched pineapple juice and found scientific proof to back the claims.

Watch it here: TikTok/Video

In her now-viral TikTok video, Fuhrman says that right after surgery she had no pain and minimal swelling. The day after the surgery she was sore but had minimal swelling and did not experience anything she would describe as pain, just some discomfort.

Two days after surgery, Mackenzie had hardly any swelling and no pain. Fuhrman also shared that her oral surgeon prior to the surgery thought she would have very little chance of complications and her teeth were not positioned in such a way that the surgery would have been complicated.

In the TikTok video, Fuhrman talks about how pineapple juice has anti-inflammatory properties, which may be the reason the trick works for some people. She also shares clips after the surgery, including updates from right after she wakes up from anesthesia to the following day and even an update on day three.

“Feel great!” Fuhrman writes as a caption. “Definitely a success!”

The young nursing student believes that the pineapple juice trick works to help reduce swelling and pain following a procedure to remove wisdom teeth. And this trick has been trending on TikTok ever since.

Here’s the good and the bad side of drinking too much pineapple juice:


Pineapple juice contains Vitamin C and enzyme called bromelain, both of these have anti-inflammatory properties. There have been small studies on the effect of bromelain supplements taken post-surgery and appeared to help with pain and swelling in 28 of the 40 people in the study.


Phere is a lot of sugar and acid in pineapple juice. If you drink 64 ounces in one sitting, you might experience nausea, gas, bloating, stomachache, heart burn and diarrhea. The excessive sugar can cause energy spikes and crashes. In addition, there could be damage to the tooth enamel.

While the TikTok videos are entertaining, there is limited scientific information at this point to make it conclusive. The reality is different factors, such as age, the health of your teeth, or other health conditions, can affect how a person recovers after surgery.

Here are some general tips:

  1. Take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug like aspirin to help reduce swelling after your surgery.
  2. Putting ice on the side of your face can also help with swelling and pain.
  3. Rinse with salt water or hydrogen peroxide can also keep the wound clean and speed up the healing.
  4. Follow your oral surgeon’s instructions as they will be specific to your case.

Source: AWM

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