Why The IRS Is Planning To Buy Internet Traffic Monitoring Tech…

The IRS is on the prowl for some tech that would let them monitor our online activities. Yeah, you heard that right. They’re interested in a monitoring system that the FBI and the Department of Defense already got their hands on. Let me tell you, this doesn’t sit well with folks who value their freedom.

The company in question, Team Cymru, offers access to “netflow” data that shows activity on the internet, like which server talked to another. The product the IRS has its eyes on is called “Recon-Advanced.” According to Vice, it can “trace malicious activity through a dozen or more proxies and VPNs to identify the origin of a cyber threat.” Now, that’s some serious spy stuff.

Sure, the IRS might claim they need this to prevent hackers from breaking into their systems and stealing our private data. But come on, we know better than that. With their history of targeting conservative individuals and groups, it’s pretty clear they want this tech for a different reason: keeping tabs on patriots.

Team Cymru reportedly admitted that they get “netflow data from third parties in exchange for threat intelligence.” Then they sell that data to clients like the IRS, who can use it for whatever they want. The IRS is looking for a tool that can track and record 65 days of traffic history, and they don’t need any suspicion of criminal activity to use it.

The thing is, the IRS has no business spying on Americans. In fact, no government agency should be snooping around without a warrant. That’s just not what this country is about. We have a right to be free from unwarranted searches and seizures, and when the government takes that away, our liberty goes with it.

Most of us have done things we’d rather not be put in a file for future use by our enemies, be it inside or outside the government. But there’s no evidence that giving up our rights has made us any safer. So what’s the real reason for all this surveillance?

It’s simple: control. Governments that strip away our rights are, by definition, despotic. One unwarranted wiretap, one search of our digital records, or tracking our internet history is one too many. The Constitution must always be our standard, with no exceptions. Anything less is a step toward tyranny.

With the IRS trying to spy on us, we’re getting closer to a world where we’re all constantly watched and monitored. We can’t let the courts, Congress, and the president keep eroding our rights. They’re building a surveillance state, and it’s time to take a stand.

To put a stop to this, we need to get rid of every federal department and agency that isn’t specifically authorized by the U.S. Constitution. And if the president won’t do it, Congress can step in and cut their funding. Let’s get back to our roots and protect the freedoms that make this country great.

Source: Thenewamerican, Vice

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