He Found Out On Live TV His Son Was Alive, Where They Found Him Is Totally…

On a cold winter morning in 2014, HLN TV news anchor Nancy Grace invited a man named Charles Bothuell IV onto her show. The father was seeking the public’s help in finding his missing son, Charles V, who had disappeared from their family home in Detroit, Michigan, for over a week.

Charles IV made an emotional plea on the national television show, telling the audience that he had no idea where his son could be, and that he was desperate for any leads or information. To help in the search efforts, the hashtag #FindCharlie began circulating on social media, and the story captured the attention of the nation.

During the live interview with Nancy Grace, she received a breaking news report from her producers, announcing that Charles V had been found. The news anchor informed Charles IV that his son had been found in the family’s basement, where he had been hiding for eleven days straight.

However, instead of relief, Charles IV appeared more worried than happy. He expressed shock and disbelief that his son could have been hiding in their home the whole time, as the basement had been thoroughly searched by the family, the FBI, and the Detroit Police Department.

Nancy Grace asked Charles IV if he had checked his cell phone, which he had not. She then informed him that the police chief was heading to their home to investigate the situation.

Reporters followed Charles IV home and interviewed Charles V, who revealed a shocking truth. He had been hiding in the basement because he was terrified of his father and stepmother, Monique Dillard-Bothuell. Charles V said that his father had beaten him with a PVC pipe, and he feared for his life.

Authorities immediately took Charles V to the hospital to examine his body for injuries, which confirmed his story. Charles IV and Monique were both arrested and charged with torture and second-degree child abuse.

The case sent shockwaves throughout the country, and people were outraged that a father could be capable of such heinous acts towards his own son. In 2016, Charles IV pleaded guilty to fourth-degree child abuse and was ordered to attend anger management classes and serve 18 months of probation. He also lost custody of his son, who was placed in the care of his biological mother.

The case of Charles V was a tragic example of child abuse, and it highlighted the importance of protecting vulnerable children from those who should be their caretakers. It also served as a reminder that sometimes, the people we trust the most can be capable of unspeakable acts, and we must always be vigilant and speak up when we see signs of abuse.

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Source: AWM

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