Her Daughter Was Eaten Alive By LICE, And They Have Arrested Her After A….

In a horrifying scene, a nine-year-old girl was found dead, covered in lice, and surrounded by a foul smell. Paramedics who had seen it all in their long careers were taken aback by the infestation. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to save the child, who had been abused and neglected by her mother and grandmother for far too long.

The victim’s mother, Sandra Kraykovich, and her grandmother Elizabeth Kraykovich have been arrested and charged with the first-degree murder of the little girl in Arizona.

The incident occurred on March 22, 2022, when emergency personnel responded to a call for help and found the girl unresponsive with “a large amount of bugs on her face,” according to court documents. Upon closer inspection, they discovered that there was an enormous amount of lice in her hair, which had been left untreated by Sandra despite her knowledge of the problem.

Police obtained text messages from Sandra that proved she was aware of the lice infestation but had done nothing to treat it. The day before her daughter was found unresponsive, Sandra texted her boyfriend, stating that her mother had called to check on the sick girl. Despite her boyfriend urging her to take the child to the hospital, Sandra refused, believing that the issue was not that serious.

Elizabeth had also threatened to call 911 but did not follow through. She was caring for Sandra’s other children, aged thirteen and eleven, and was overwhelmed by the little girl’s lice problem. The medical examiner determined that the girl died from anemia connected to the infection she got from the lice infestation and from malnutrition, leading to her untimely death.

Sandra and Elizabeth were both charged with first-degree murder. Sandra’s other children have been taken into protective custody, and it was discovered that they were also suffering from lice infestations. In an affidavit to the police, Sandra expressed her regret, stating that “if she had sought medical care, (her daughter) would probably still be alive.”

This tragedy serves as a reminder of the importance of seeking medical attention for children, even if the problem seems minor. Neglecting the problem can lead to devastating consequences, as it did in this case. The girl’s death was preventable, and it is heartbreaking to think that proper medical care could have saved her life.

Source: AWM

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