They Tried Attacking An Old Man In A Park, But They Made One HUGE Mistake…

In recent years, random acts of violence have become more prevalent. The economic collapse amid the COVID-19 pandemic has left many Americans grappling with frustration as they face challenging financial situations, such as job losses and dwindling income.

Consequently, an increasing number of individuals are resorting to criminal activities to make ends meet. However, this does not fully account for the surge in people expressing their internal fury through violence.

One such incident unfolded in Baltimore, Maryland, where a group of youngsters targeted a 64-year-old man in an unprovoked attack. The young assailants documented their assault on their devices and broadcasted it live on Facebook, showcasing to friends and followers their brutal treatment of someone weaker than themselves.

The Baltimore Sun reported that the elderly man was sitting on a park bench at Wyman Park Dell, near Johns Hopkins University and the Baltimore Museum of Art, engrossed in a book when three young men and a woman approached him. They initiated a conversation regarding money exchange locations. Suddenly, one of them pulled a gun on the elderly gentleman, demanding he relinquishes his money and belongings.

As the robbery unfolded, another attacker brandished a knife and stabbed the victim in his lower back. A third accomplice used mace to inflict further harm. The incident escalated rapidly and was broadcasted on Facebook’s live-stream service.

Ultimately, the perpetrators made off with $60, the man’s iPhone, and his North Face backpack, a valuable item due to its brand name. The police managed to track down the assailants using the Facebook live stream.

Upon apprehending 18-year-old Zannay Laws, she admitted her involvement in the assault. Laws had live-streamed the video on Facebook from her cellphone. With Laws in custody, the authorities were able to locate more suspects and deliver justice to the elderly man who had been attacked while reading a book on a Baltimore park bench.

City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke expressed her dismay, saying,

“Here’s a man sitting on a bench, reading a book in the park. To think that it was actually planned and recorded to be publicized is just beyond understanding. It’s outrageous.” She further added, “What in the world would inspire a person to take part in such an assault and want other people to share it? It’s sick.”

Laws and another suspect, 18-year-old Dakei Perry, faced charges of attempted first-degree murder, first- and second-degree assault, armed robbery, theft, reckless endangerment, and dangerous weapon with intent to injure, as reported. And if convicted, the duo could face significant time in prison.

Furthermore, the group was suspected of carrying out additional robberies in the Baltimore area. The narrative of their actions serves as a stark reminder of the growing trend of violence and its devastating consequences on innocent lives.

Sources: AWM, Baltimoresun, Dailymail

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