She Complained To The Doctor About A “Numb Leg”, What It Was Is Totally Horrifying…

In Derry, Northern Ireland, lived a beautiful young mother named Shannon Masterton, she was blessed with two delightful children, and her life seemed picture-perfect but little did she know that her world would soon turn upside down.

Shannon was no stranger to tanning beds, often visiting them twice a week to achieve a bronzed glow. She never imagined the price she would pay for her vanity. In January 2020, Shannon’s life took a chilling turn when she was diagnosed with melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

The first sign of trouble came just before a vacation with her girlfriends. Shannon had just used a tanning bed when she noticed a new spot on her skin, which resembled an itchy freckle. Despite the itchiness, she chose to ignore it. The following year, Shannon experienced a similar sensation in her leg, only this time; it was accompanied by a burning sensation.

Terrified of the potential consequences, she hesitated to seek medical help. As time went on, the pain in her leg grew worse, and eventually, the area began to feel numb. In December 2019, after much prodding from a friend, Shannon mustered the courage to see a doctor.

During her appointment, Shannon had three moles removed and biopsied. “At the appointment, I had three moles removed and biopsied, and the following week I got called in urgently to receive my results,” Masterson said. “(The doctor) is truly the reason that my kids still have a healthy mum here today.”

As she awaited the results, her intuition told her something was seriously wrong. The day she received her melanoma diagnosis, Shannon’s world came crashing down around her. Sitting in the doctor’s office alongside her mother, she couldn’t shake the image of her children growing up without their loving mother by their side.

Her doctors were confident that the cancer was a direct result of sun or tanning bed exposure. Shannon couldn’t believe it.

“I didn’t think anything of my sunbed use. I thought because I only went on twice a week and didn’t use them all year round, it would be fine. I never imagined in a million years that this would be happening to me. I had never felt fear like I felt when I was told that I had skin cancer.”

Today, Shannon credits her survival to her doctors and her supportive friend Aine.

“I’m so lucky that I caught it early enough and went to the doctors when my friend forced me to,” she said. “It could have been a very different story. I am so much more cautious now. I am always covered up, and so are my kids. It’s just not worth the risk.”

Shannon is now in the all-clear, grateful for the life-saving intervention and the regular check-ups provided by the NHS. As she reflects on her journey, she cannot overstate the importance of her friend Aine, her “earth angel,” and the critical role she played in her story.

From now on, Shannon is determined to share her experience, warning others about the dangers of tanning beds and urging them to cherish their health and well-being.

Sources: AWM, Thesun, Dailymail

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