Jill Biden’s Big Secret Just Came Out – Here’s Why She’s Pushing Joe to Run, Historian Claims

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that Biden isn’t in a great position for reelection. His many gaffes and fumbles have led many Americans to question his mental fitness.

But on top of that, his approval numbers and polling further suggest he is set to lose in November.

So, why is Biden—a man in his 80s—risking his health and reputation to run for a second term? A presidential historian spoke about this very recently. He gave an eye-opening reason for Biden’s campaign. It’s not what you might have expected.

From Daily Wire:
A presidential historian said during an interview over the weekend that one of the main driving forces behind President Joe Biden’s decision to run for re-election was his wife, Jill Biden…

“…She likes power. She wants to stay. She wants some sense of revenge…She teaches in Virginia Community College. This milieu around our building here, this is her home. And the idea of relinquishing it all after you’ve taken the slings and arrows of the last years of attacks, and at the last minute, just when you get all the delegates you’re going to say, I’m going to open it up to a bunch of people — it’s very childish when you read those kind of reports.”

Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian, spoke about why failing President Biden is seeking another term. He mentioned past presidents who did not seek a second term, due to various reasons (including health and failing poll numbers). But the clincher for them to step down was the insistence of their wives.

That is not the case with Jill Biden. Brinkley claims she is the one behind Biden’s bid for a second term. The historian accused Biden of liking “power” and wanting “some sense of revenge.” He even called her “very childish” because she is unwilling to let go of the First Ladyship.

From all appearances, Biden is struggling. He’s had a far-from-stellar first term. His approval has been poor for years. Even a special counsel report called out his failing cognitive abilities. And that is not looking at the state of inflation, interest rates, rising crime, and the overwhelmed border.

You’d expect Biden to take his lumps and just retire. Perhaps there is something to Brinkley’s claim? Could it be that Jill Biden, so eager to remain in the limelight and soak up the prestige of the White House, that she’d force a sick man to stay in office?

Many have wondered why Biden’s handlers force him to keep going, given his state. This could be why.



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