A New Photo Of The Obamas Just Revealed Something Isn’t Right….

Former President Barack Obama has been photographed several times without his wedding ring, even though it was a requirement of his dress code during his two terms in office.

The 44th President and his wife, former First Lady Michelle Obama, were photographed outside the Sydney Opera House in Australia on Monday.

On Tuesday, the climate alarmist arrived in Sydney on a private jet to headline “An Evening with President Obama” at the Aware Super Theatre Sydney.

Obama was not wearing his gold band in a tweet from the speaking engagement.

In the days leading up to his public appearance, the former president was also photographed without his wedding ring.


Meanwhile, Michelle Obama was photographed looking depressed during her visit to Australia.

For several years, Twitter users have been noticing Barack Obama’s missing wedding ring.

The then-ring president was “noticeably missing” during a weekend at Camp David in 2015, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

Glamour, a liberal fashion magazine, went into a damage-control mode in 2016, claiming Obama doesn’t always wear his ring because he’s afraid of losing it.

“Even with all of the Secret Service agents surrounding him, Obama still takes the utmost precautions with his beloved wedding ring,” it said. “How’s that for a sweet husband?”

That’s an intriguing spin, but he wore it all the time when he was president, even when he was playing basketball and golf.

The ringless pattern intensified after the Obamas left the White House at the end of his second term in 2017.

Michelle Obama revealed in December 2022 that she had “couldn’t stand” her husband for ten years. That amounts to roughly one-third of their 31-year marriage.


“I couldn’t stand my husband for ten years,” she admitted.

No marriage is perfect, and it’s illogical to assume that Barack Obama’s refusal to wear his wedding ring reflects the state of their relationship.

The corporate media, on the other hand, fervently promotes inane gossip and innuendo about former President Donald Trump centered on far less significant details.

But, unlike Obama, the media did not elevate Trump to god-like status.


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