A Thug Tried To Rob An Army Vet’s Gun Shop, It Ended Exactly The Way You’d Think It…. [VIDEO]

A brazen burglary attempt at a gun shop takes a deadly turn when the intruders are confronted by the sharpshooting septuagenarian owner.

The daring burglary at a Texas gun shop owned by a 79-year-old Army veteran owner led to a fatal shootout that would leave one suspect dead and two others behind bars.

Raymond Balcerowicz, the seasoned Army veteran who owns Central Guns and Central Barber Shop in Crosby, Texas, was startled awake at 4:30 am by a loud noise coming from his gun shop, located on the same property as his home. NBC News reported that when Balcerowicz went to check out the disturbance, he discovered a trio of burglars had torn the doors off his shop with the help of a car and chains.

This wasn’t the first time Balcerowicz’s shop had been targeted; just two months prior, criminals had broken into the business he had owned for over four decades. However, this incident would have a much different outcome. A deadly shootout between the gun store owner and the burglars ensued, with one perpetrator not making it out alive.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez told reporters, “As soon as he heard the commotion, most likely from the door being pulled, is when he came out, so he encountered them pretty quickly.” The suspects opened fire on Balcerowicz, but their shots missed. Armed and ready, Balcerowicz retaliated, demonstrating his superior aim.

Angel Cardenas

Using a tree for cover, Balcerowicz fired back with a .25-caliber handgun, striking one of the burglars, Fox 26 News reported. The suspects fled, leaving behind a trail of blood. Officials found a 20-year-old man suffering from gunshot wounds roughly 10 miles away in Baytown. Identified as Jose Flores, he was pronounced dead at the scene, with several stolen guns found nearby.

Sheriff Gonzalez stated that two other men were arrested, and the “vehicle they were in appears to be one of the vehicles used in the commission of the burglary.” Angel Cardenas, a 17-year-old from Baytown, was charged with felony murder after his accomplice died from gunshot wounds sustained during the robbery, according to CHRON.

Raymond Balcerowicz

A criminal complaint against Cardenas revealed that Flores had been hit by gunfire from two different firearms, one of which was fired by an accomplice. Medical examiners discovered .25-caliber and 9mm bullets in Flores, with the latter caliber belonging to his accomplices.

Cardenas faced additional charges of tampering with and fabricating evidence after three weapons were found in a burned woodpile. Two of the guns had serial numbers matching those stolen from the Crosby shop. Harris County Jail held Cardenas with combined bail set at $225,000.

Sheriff Gonzalez commented on Balcerowicz’s fortunate outcome: “A lot of shots were fired. He’s very lucky he’s alive.” Although luck played a part, the Second Amendment allowed Balcerowicz to defend himself and his property.

Now, however, he must cope with the reality that he had to take a life. Balcerowicz’s friend, Bill Newcomb, questioned the alternatives: “What else you going to do? They keep coming back and breaking in.”

In the end, Balcerowicz’s actions ensured that at least one of the perpetrators would never return. This serves as a warning to other potential criminals: confronting a military veteran who owns a gun store is a risky move. Underestimating someone like Balcerowicz proved to be a lethal error for Flores.

WATCH the video below for more details:

Sources: Taphaps, NBC News, Fox 26 News, CHRON

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