Two IRS Agents Have Just Become The Biden Family’s Worst Nightmare…

According to a report published on Monday by The Washington Times, two seasoned IRS officials, Gary Shapley and a guy going by the name “Mr. X,” testified before Congress about their investigations into Hunter Biden’s numerous alleged tax-related infractions.

Biden’s accountants once demanded that he sign a representation letter confirming the accuracy of his declared income and deductions because they were so doubtful of their client’s honesty, according to the Times.

“I’ve never seen that in my career,” Mr. X told the House Ways and Means Committee.

The agents have been busy due to the extent of Biden’s lie. Under oath, Shapley and Mr. X stated that they have been looking into the president’s son for many years.

The Times article included quotes from the agents’ evidence, which included information on the payments Biden made to prostitutes and deducted as expenditures.

“Some ended up being his girlfriends. So they all kind of morphed and changed. So I want to be accurate in how I represent them. But there were a lot of females that I believe he was having sexual relationships with that I ended up interviewing,” Mr. X said.

Shapley and Mr. X stated that they had spoken to 60 witnesses in total, including the owner of a sex club who said that Biden had paid him $10,000, which he later claimed was for a golf club membership.

Mr. X looked into Biden’s 2014–2019 tax returns and testified that each one should have resulted in charges against Biden for various tax-related offenses. He said that those crimes in 2014 and 2018 should have resulted in felony charges.

The agents also got access to Biden’s now-famous laptop and the WhatsApp message he sent to his Chinese business associates in which he threatened them, demanded payment, and revealed that his father was there in the room, which was made public last week.

The combined evidence was unprecedented, according to Mr. X’s lawyer Dean Zerbe, a former tax advisor to the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee.

“We never had anyone of this stature coming forward from the IRS to speak to us about problems,” Zerbe said. “That alone sets these guys apart.”

The story has two essential components.

First off, the agents’ testimony is just another stroke in the increasingly ugly portrayal of the president’s son.

Biden’s squandered way of life is reminiscent of traditional aristocratic excess. He is the corrupt son of a corrupt parent, wandering aimlessly through life trying to sate his fleeting desires.

The debauched aristocrat always lives above the law, which is second and far more significant.

A plea deal and no jail time were the outcomes of Biden’s legal issues, which included tax and gun-related accusations that have sent others to prison.

Even though a federal judge hasn’t yet given the arrangement the green light, the very idea that the Justice Department made a deal with the president’s son ought to infuriate every American.

Any honest person is aware that the court system in this country is divided into two tiers, but the division goes beyond Democrats and Republicans.

Due to his familial ties, Biden is a member of the governing class in question.

The ruling class may no longer be able to defend the debauched aristocrat Biden in light of the testimony of two IRS officers.

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