WHOA…Oregon School Teacher Caught Asking Teens About Their Sexual Fantasies…

A recent high school health class assignment has caused an uproar among parents in Eugene, Oregon. Students at Churchill High School were subjected to sexually explicit activities during class, which included writing out sexual fantasies involving items such as feathers and massage oils.

The assignment was given to students who had missed class earlier in the month and was supposed to teach students that they can show physical affection without having sex. However, many parents feel that this assignment was inappropriate and perverted. One parent even stated that if an adult male had asked her daughter to share her sexual fantasies, she would have gone to the police.

Another assignment, called “With Whom Would You Do It?” was also played during the same class. Students were required to spin a wheel labeled with sexual acts, and when the wheel stopped, they had to mark the initials of both a male and female student with whom they would want to perform the act.

This game was projected in front of the entire classroom, making it a highly uncomfortable situation for many students. Justin McCall‘s daughter was present in the classroom for this activity, and he reported that she was “very uncomfortable” and ultimately opted out of the activity.

The curriculum that included these explicit assignments was adopted by the school board in 2016, and the district has agreed to drop it following backlash from parents. Churchill High School Principal Missy Cole sent out a letter to parents addressing the problematic curriculum and assuring them that the assignment has been removed from the class syllabus and will not be a part of the students’ grades.

The OWL curriculum, which is utilized by many districts across the state and endorsed by the Oregon Department of Education, is being reviewed to determine the full context of the assignment.

While Cole claimed that the teacher was simply following the approved curriculum, a program manager for OWL, Melanie Davis, revealed that the district was using an “unauthorized” and outdated assignment. This raises questions about the appropriateness of the curriculum as a whole and the need for it to be reviewed and updated to reflect current standards and values.

Overall, the explicit nature of the assignments given to high school students in Eugene is concerning and raises serious questions about the quality and appropriateness of the curriculum being used in schools.

It is important that school boards and educators take steps to ensure that students are being taught in a safe and responsible manner, with age-appropriate content and activities. Parents have the right to expect that their children will be provided with a learning environment that is free from sexual exploitation and inappropriate behavior.

WATCH the video below for more details:

Source: 100PercentFedUp

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