Sick: Dem State Making Move To PROTECT SEX OFFENDERS…

Something about children triggers an instinctive, protective impulse.

It is natural and occurs in all animals.

To safeguard their progeny, most animals will battle to the death.

And many animals band together to defend the group’s young.

The craziness of wokeness, on the other hand, is undermining our core God-given impulses and replacing them with a perverted sense of sympathy — for evil.

Washington state passed legislation earlier this year that would allow Level-3 sex offenders from McNeil Island to be released into local communities. According to The Post Millenial, these criminals included convicted pedophiles who were likely to re-offend and were dubbed the “worst of the worst.”

That news outlet reported one of the inmates of McNeil Island, Calvin Malone, “worked as a Boy Scout troop leader in various states across the country, as well as with an organization that works with at-risk youth. In these roles, he molested numerous boys and was convicted of sex crimes in California, Oregon, and Washington.”

Washington’s Democratic Governor Jay Inslee, Democratic Attorney General Bob Ferguson, and others collaborated with state agencies to move forward with plans to depopulate McNeil Island, which was designated as a civil commitment center in the 1980s for people convicted of sex crimes and deemed likely to engage in repeat sexual violence due to mental abnormalities or personality disorders.

The new legislation mandated “equitable distribution” of these criminals based on “fair share” principles, with each county in the state obligated to provide lodging for these predators.

According to The Center Square, the State Sex Offender Policy Board is now contemplating recommendations for the Legislature based on the same 2021 law that may make it illegal even to warn communities when a sex offender is placed in the region.

“Even accounting for low rates of reporting for sexual offenses, those convicted of a sex offense have some of the lowest recidivism rates compared to individuals convicted of a non-sex offense,” according to a new draft reviewing post-conviction policies.

“This is also true for individuals convicted of sex offenses against children,” the draft continues.

The draft also states that, while sex offenses are “distinctively unsettling and injurious,” “punishments like registration, public access, community notification, and residency restrictions conclusively do not reduce recidivism rates.”

Instead, the proposal suggests that reintegration, social assistance, stable living conditions, and consistent work be prioritized to deter repeat offending.

Furthermore, the guidelines advocate for a “strong presumption” against GPS tracking, residency limitations, and internet access restrictions for convicted sex offenders. The document suggests enforcing these limits exclusively on an individual basis.

It’s difficult to imagine how the drafters of this post-conviction protocol can sleep at night.

Never mind that the draft makes no reference of the studies upon which they derive their recidivism conclusion; the point is irrelevant.

Even if we assume that sex predators are less likely to re-offend than other types of criminals, it only takes one previous offender to assault one child — or adult.

Can the panel possibly justify releasing these criminals into innocent communities on the basis of a cross-your-fingers belief in recidivism?

Are they so concerned about the neighborly display of “social support” for violent sex offenders that they have to consider banning their internet access on a “case-by-case basis?” God forbid the poor deviants don’t have constant access to Pornhub.

This upside-down concept of justice, which victimizes the innocent in order to cater to criminals, has already transformed Seattle into a dystopian fiction setting.

However, releasing sex convicts into innocent areas takes things to the next level.

It’s similar to “The Purge,” but it never ends.

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