Fani Willis Threatened With Contempt After She Declares She Will Not Testify

Fani Willis informed reporters that she will refuse to comply with her subpoena and will not provide testimony to a Georgia Senate Committee looking into her questionable actions related to the lawfare RICO case she brought against President Trump.

Fani Willis: “Well, first of all I don’t even think they have the authority to subpoena me but they need to learn the law.”

Reporter: Will you appear…?

Fani Willis: I will not appear to do anything that is unlawful. And I have not broken the law in any way. I’ve said it. I’ll say it among these leaders I’m sorry folks these people get pissed off that everybody gets treated equally.

Video via Rob DiRienzo at FOX5 Atlanta.

It appears that Fani Willis lacks an understanding of the law, as Georgia officials have the legal authority to question her under oath.

Earlier today, Georgia State Republicans announced that they would issue a subpoena to Fani if she chooses not to testify.

By defying her subpoena, Willis is undermining the very principles of justice and fairness that she is supposed to uphold as a prosecutor.

Her actions cast doubt on the integrity of the legal process and erode public trust in the justice system.

Refusing to testify only further fuels suspicion and speculation. Willis is damaging her own reputation and the credibility of the legal system as a whole.


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