This Liberal Solution To Homelessness In One State Is The Most…

Can you believe it? The leftist liberals in the Los Angeles City Council had the audacity to consider an ordinance that would force hotels to house homeless folks in their vacant rooms. This is just another outrageous example of Democrats trying to control private businesses and shove their misguided policies down our throats.

Here’s the deal: under this proposed ordinance, every hotel in Los Angeles would have to report their vacancies daily. By 2 p.m. each day, hotels would be required to inform the Department about how many rooms were available for that night. Talk about overreach!

Ray Patel, the president of the Northeast Los Angeles Hotel Owners Association, expressed his concern about this ludicrous proposal. He asked, “It’s crazy, I can’t screen who ends up in my hotel rooms? How do I protect my other customers and my staff?” It’s a valid point, and yet the Democrats seem to be more interested in scoring political points than actually addressing the root causes of homelessness.

The driving force behind this harebrained idea is none other than the members of Unite Here Local 11, who managed to collect 126,000 signatures supporting the ordinance. The City Council could either approve it outright or put it on the ballot for the public to decide.

FOX 11 reached out to the office of Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, whose staff provided a non-committal response, stating, “This is a third-party sponsored ballot measure and our Office cannot comment on it before passage. I would ask the proponents what enforcement measures they are proposing.”

Thankfully, common sense prevailed, and the Los Angeles City Council rejected the proposal during a heated Friday meeting. Instead of forcing hotels to report vacant rooms for homeless individuals, the council decided to let voters have their say in the March 5, 2024 election.

This whole situation just goes to show how desperate Democrats have become in their attempts to control every aspect of our lives. Instead of focusing on practical solutions to address homelessness, they try to hijack private businesses to fulfill their progressive agendas.

We need to stand up against these ridiculous policies and protect the rights of businesses to operate without undue government interference. The Democrats’ misguided approach to solving complex social issues only serves to undermine the very fabric of our great nation. Let’s keep pushing back against their overreach and fight for the conservative values that truly make America great.

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