A Killer Smiled At The Victim’s Family And Laughed, What The Judge Did Was…

A teen almost lost his plea deal during his murder trial after smiling during victim impact statements.

In the small town of Ann Arbor, Michigan, the courtroom buzzed with anticipation as the trial for the murder of Jordan Klee commenced. The suspect, Dante Wright, caught the judge’s attention with an unsettling grin as he faced the victim’s family. It was as if he wanted to taunt them, conveying a sense of indifference and even pride about the heinous crime he had committed.

The pain of losing a loved one was palpable as Klee’s mother took the stand. Tears streamed down her face, but she tried to hold herself together as she recounted the memories of her son and the enormous void his death had left in her life. Despite the emotional testimony, Wright couldn’t help but grin, trying to intimidate the grieving mother with his unsettling smile.

The presiding judge, David S. Swartz, had seen enough. Outraged by Wright’s lack of remorse, he offered the prosecutors a chance to rethink the plea deal they had agreed upon with the defendant. He sternly addressed Wright, saying:

“Watching you sit there, smile and laugh and shake your head like this was no big deal, I’m very tempted to just say I’m not going to accept this sentence agreement. We’ll go to trial, and if you’re convicted of felony murder, you’ll go to prison for the rest of your life. That means you’ll die there. That’s what I’m tempted to do.”

The judge’s frustration had been provoked not only by Wright’s grin during Klee’s mother’s testimony but also by his reactions during the victim impact statements delivered by Klee’s grandparents and cousin. As they shared their pain and fond memories of Jordan, Wright continued to smirk.

Klee’s mother, Karen, had her words read aloud by a cousin. Her statement poignantly expressed the depth of her grief, saying:

“This year was supposed to be a year of celebration… instead, it was a nightmare. On the nights I manage to sleep, I hear my son scream for me.”

Wright just said that he desired the plea deal and that he loved his family when it was his turn to address the court. His lawyer, David Goldstein, attempted to justify his client’s disturbing behavior by claiming that Wright’s smile was actually caused by fear rather than delight or animosity. Wright, he continued, was just seventeen years old and had behavioral problems that led to his improper smiling.

Goldstein said, “At his age, in his condition, he might not be able to express it as well as some other defendants.”

Dante Wright was one of three individuals who pleaded guilty to the murder of Jordan Klee. He confessed to being the one who pulled the trigger, ending Klee’s life after robbing him of drugs and money. The trial continued, unfolding like a tragic tale, with the judge’s stern warnings, the heart-wrenching testimonies, and the disturbing grin of the young defendant etched into the memories of all those present in that Ann Arbor courtroom.

WATCH the video below for more details:

Sources: AWM, Theblaze, Mlive

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