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VIDEO Shows A Cop Smashing A Black Girl's Window - Was He Wrong?

I think the cop was justified, and perhaps it is the driver who caused the window to break… A University of Central Florida police officer is under investigation after video of a traffic stop showed him smash a car window when he said the driver started to roll it up on his hand. The traffic …

[VIDEO] Did This Police Officer Go Too Far When Defiant Teen Resisted Arrest?

People are outraged, but should they be? This officer did not ask for this teenager to resist, he asked him to put his hands behind his back, but he didn’t…and this was the outcome, Well done Officer!

[VIDEO] Judge Did Not Know The Camera Was Rolling, Now Has More Than 33 MILLION Views!

The Georgia judge said she didn’t know the camera was rolling. By the time she found out, it was too late. She went viral.


#BREAKING: City police shoot 13-year-old holding toy gun. Latest on #WJZ: @cbsbaltimore BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A 13-year-old boy is shot by police in Southeast Baltimore. It happened around 4 p.m. Wednesday at Baltimore and Aisquith streets, near the McKim Community Center. The police commissioner says a young man was carrying what appeared to be a gun in …


Legitimate law enforcement tool or more Big Brother? Video below:   Foxnews reports: An electronic device that tricks cellphones into revealing a user’s location is becoming a key weapon for law enforcement in its battle against drug traffickers, terror suspects and other dangerous criminals — but its potential misuse against innocent Americans and the secrecy …


“We lose, we hurt, we ache,” Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller told Greenville Online. “No one wants to lose their officers.”


Should this come as a shock to anyone? Kid Rock has announced he is backing Donald Trump for president. In a profanity-laced interview with Rolling Stone, the Detroit rocker said he finds Trump’s campaign “entertaining as shit” and he thinks the real estate mogul will win the GOP nomination. “My feeling: Let the motherf***ing business …


ISIS gunmen used knives to torture their mortally wounded victims by slitting their stomachs as they lay on the floor, it has been claimed. Two British women who survived the Paris concert hall massacre, Christine Tudhope and Mariesha Payne hid in the cellar while the terrorists went on their bloody rampage on the floor above …


The way these two officers responded to this incident is not only heroic, but it also provides a great example of proper policing.


Please share this video with your friends and family to show them what a real ‘good cop’ looks like.


A ‘day of civil disobedience’ has been called for in Ferguson on Monday, August 10, one day after the first anniversary of the killing of 18-year-old black teenager Michael Brown by white police officer Darren Wilson. Actions have been called across the United States to demand justice for Brown, whose killing ignited racial tensions and …


Watch the video below. The group’s leader: “If he’s gone, some of this racism and race-hate might be gone. We got a fresh shovel full, and we hope that everybody else will follow suit and dig him up.” Is it possible to say that the Confederate flag is a decisive symbol that shouldn’t be flying …


In a video posted to youtube this week, a novel and simply astonishing example of how to deal with DUI checkpoints, was illustrated by the guys from Sobriety checkpoints — also known as DUI checkpoints — are the most common roadblocks you might encounter. They function as a general purpose investigatory tactic where police …


While police body cams may be controversial, they can be very helpful when trying to determine what really happened when a suspect accuses a police officer of mistreatment. Lesser known is how they can reveal acts of bravery and valiance by our nation’s finest. Recently, one of those cams was accidentally turned on… RightWingNews has this …


A mentally ill Ohio woman is dead after a Cleveland police officer allegedly slammed her head into the pavement right outside her family’s home. The incident began when Tanesha Anderson’s family called police explaining she was creating a disturbance. The 37-year-old woman was mentally ill and suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. After police came …