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A sad story of bad decisions that just got worse… Video below: OpposingViews has more of the story… An Austrian teen who fled to Syria with her friend was reportedly beaten to death after being caught trying to escape the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa. Samra Kesonic, 17, reportedly arrived in Syria in April 2014. …


The targeting of Christians across the world is growing at a rapid pace and persecution like this is happening every day. We need to be aware of how dangerous this situation is getting. How long before these attacks are at our doorstep? Rome (CNN) — Muslims who were among migrants trying to get from Libya …


Considering what just took place in Paris, is this really a good idea?! Is there really any question now as to whose side Obama is on?!


There are reportedly 4,000 covert terrorists already in place ‘awaiting’ orders, and Obama is welcoming them with open arms.


At least one terrorist in the deadly Paris attacks registered as a refugee, but that won’t stop Barack Obama from bringing Syrian Muslim “refugees” to the U.S.


“…what we’re looking at today is going to look like the good old days compared to the future.”


The Jewish community of France called for a “world war against the monstrosity of Jihadist fanaticism” on Saturday after massive terrorist attacks that struck Paris on Friday night.


The following content may be disturbing for some viewers. Viewer discretion is STRONGLY advised.


Following the massive terrorist attacks that hit Paris, Muslims from around the world are making it clear ISIS does not represent their values.


One day before the massive Islamist attacks in Paris Obama, bragged on Good Morning America “We have contained them.”


Mohammed “Jihadi John” Emwazi, a high-profile Islamic State activist, is believed to have been killed in Syria by an unmanned US drone.  BBC World News has more…


What is most odd about these so-called “refugees” is how 90% of them are young men.


The current Secretary of State, John Kerry, has announced that the U.S. will import 85,000 Syrian refugees over the next year and an estimated 100,000 the following year. This announcement from the Obama regime is only the next step in his agenda to destroy America’s future and ensure that we never again become the great …


So as we all watch the flood of refugees fleeing war-torn Syria, the media has done a very good job of framing the “humanity” of the situation but predictably turned a blind eye to the harsher realities of what is happening. Countries like Hungry, a traditionally Christian-based nation, may in fact be right in taking …


Islamics don’t assimilate! They look upon their increasing presence as a beach-head. They intend to take over violently, and by any means necessary.


A Muslim flight attendant claims she was suspended from her job at ExpressJet for refusing to serve alcohol to passengers. Listen, if your RELIGION prevents you from doing your job then GET ANOTHER JOB because NO ONE owes you SH*T!


CAIRO (AP) — A massive pre-dawn car bomb by Islamic State extremists blasted the facade off a police headquarters Thursday and rattled windows across Cairo — wounding 29 but causing no deaths. The attack reflected a strategy of the group’s…   CAIRO (AP) — A massive pre-dawn car bomb by Islamic State extremists blasted the facade off a police headquarters Thursday …