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As story after story continues to develop from these Podesta emails, more atrocities have come to light and they confirm things we have suspected all along. The newest evidence are the Podesta emails potentially being linked to the death of Justice Scalia. The below infographic was put together by someone who believes there is a link …


Can we first just thank God that Donald Trump is picking Justice Antonin Scalia’s replacement and not Hillary Clinton?  Reflect on that for a moment. Apparently Judge Neil Gorsuch is more than likely Trump’s choice.  I’d like to point out that Trump has kept his word and chose from the list of judges he previously told …


In September Trump made a long list of Justices that could replace Scalia. While Cruz didn’t make the list during that time, Lindsey Graham said he would not only support Trump’s list, but Ted Cruz as well. Graham went on to say, “Nobody can tell me Ted Cruz is not a constitutionally gifted, talented lawyer, because …


Justice Ginsburg revealed that her good friend — and staunch idealogical opponent — Justice Antonin Scalia took to belting out a few bars after the historic ruling.