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Maher — an liberal atheist — could not resist a well-timed swipe at the Catholic Church’s sex abuse controversies.

Maher really went off on the case of Ahmed Mohamed and said iberals should drop the political correctness and consider that being cautious is a good thing. Do you agree with Maher’s statement?

Maher and some of his guests surmised that the GOP support for Carson is because they want to “look like they like a black person.”

Bill Maher decided at the end of his show that even though Hillary Clinton is still the most likely candidate to get the Democrat nomination, he couldn’t stand idly by and watch her positive points take a free fall from recent events. Maher pulled out a Donald Trump-esque description to her recent poll numbers and …

Bill Maher returned from break on Friday night to react to Donald Trump‘s “nonsense” campaign and said that people shouldn’t count him out yet and like him or loathe him, Maher makes a very good point.

Bill Maher returned from break to send a pretty blunt message to the terrorists in France this week: “go f*** yourself.” Maher applauded the bravery and courage of the Charlie Hebdocartoonists in the face of threats from “assholes in Paris.” Between this and North Korea being upset about The Interview, Maher considered “no joking” to be …