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“So we looting after the hurricane?” “Yep, but in white neighborhoods!”

“Believe me,” he said, “we wouldn’t even have to have this discussion if we had a more libertarian society.”

“LAPD continues to kill our people…” he exclaims, while ignoring the fact that most suspects have been armed.

By now EVERYONE has heard about what has taken place in Charlotte last week. If you haven’t, here is a recap. An African American man, Keith Scott, was killed by a cop and the media went wild. Since, there have been protests, rioting and more death, but it took media FOREVER to let the American …

On Thursday night, Fox News’ Mark Tobin was in Charlotte, when a masked protester threatened him during a live segment.

Black Lives Matter advocate gives black people a lesson on how to be “white”. The “Lord woke her up this morning and gave her a sign!” so she headed to Home Depot. Watch her go to the extreme to change her skin color in order to save black lives.  Whether she is mentally challenged or this …

Charlotte, North Carolina, is erupting in protests after police shot a man in the parking lot of an apartment complex

He was just driving down the interstate when he spotted something he’ll never forget…

When a pair of Black Lives Matter affiliates from Kansas saw a white mother strapping her infant into a carseat outside a local Walmart, they assumed she would be an easy target on which to wage a violent attack spurred by racial hate.

People Noticed Something STRANGE About These KKK Members “Supporting” Trump

During the Nevada Republican caucus, liberal media reported about members of the KKK standing outside of polling locations to support Trump for President. But…Can you see their hands? (below): Lol I wonder who on the democrat side who set this up. Cause these "KKK" members were silent. Not trump supporters😂 — Kevin Smith (@Sbstud11) …

“Sick and tired of the Black Lives Matter thing […] only there to disrupt!” Let’s face it folks, he isn’t saying anything that everyone else hasn’t already said.

An attorney for Rice’s family accused prosecutors of racism, which is typical of the #BlackLivesMatter nonsense. Do you agree with the prosecutor’s ruling?

They kept shouting to Sanders that they would shut down the event if they didn’t get a chance to speak, which Beck deemed a “terroristic threat.”