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This is what happens when you drive distracted. Hope everyone was OK!  


A Police Officer from Ohio pulled over a black man and defied every anti cop sentiment in one simple act . The Facebook post has since gone viral and America is loving the outcome. RT News reports: When Mark Ross received a call in the middle of the night informing him that his 15-year-old sister …


A female driver in China has been arrested after running over 3 children, only stopping when they were ALL under her car. The children were playing in a parking structure and it was all caught on video surveillance. Witnesses said that she was “looking at her cell phone” Thankfully all survived the accident but one …


BRUCE Jenner will reportedly face manslaughter charges following a car accident in February that left one person dead and injured others.


Marcos Ortega of New Jersey was driving drunk when he hit a 61-year-old pedestrian…and kept driving with the guy half-way through his windshield for more than a mile! After receiving alerts about someone driving erratically, an officer finally pulled over intoxicated motorist along Route 9 in Ocean County. “Ortega continued operating the vehicle for approximately …