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Should black homosexuals be allowed to have guns? Here are my thoughts on the subject in aftermath of the cold-blooded murders of a Virginia TV news crew by a black homosexual.

McCain graduated fifth from the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy. That’s 894th out of 899 Cadets. Ergo, being a career politician was pretty much all he was qualified to do, because even convenience-store workers have to be honest.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I have learned not to trust the federal government; and I certainly do not trust the Obama government.  Something is going on that I cannot put my finger on but the numbers just do not add up.  And it comes to the Obama government where there’s smoke there is …

Ariana Grande is latest multi-millionaire trollop to say she “hates America and hates all Americans”.  Why do mutli-millionaire actors and singers stay in America if they hate it here?  Here is my solution to help them over their pain. ©2015 The Daily Rant. Website:

Mention slavery to any American and visions of captured Africans shackled in chains and suffering every kind of abuse known to man comes to mind. While this form of slavery is the most severe, there are other forms and degrees by which one might be condemned to bondage. In western Europe slavery was eventually replaced …