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Donald Trump is to be commended for exposing the lies, liars, and frauds in the media and specifically in Congress. Which is one of the two reasons he is being assailed. The last thing party leaders and those in elected office want We the People to know is that they are liars, frauds, and more …

Take 93 seconds to view my Daily Rant Video this week and see if you can answer my question. If you can, what is the solution?

You almost have to feel sorry for black people. The great majority of them have accepted the idea that they’re a prisoner still fighting for freedom.

It is a PROVEN FACT that specialized and preferential programming based on skin color has not worked. It is has instead fomented acrimony, resentment, and a divided America.

America needs to wake up and identify the real root causes of the violence that permeates our culture, and then America needs to be pro-active in destroying those causes or eventually those causes will destroy us. In other words: awake, be aware, be active or die.

NO ONE deserves special privilege or recognition based on skin color! It is time for people to stop being colors and be Americans. Being an American takes away the “it’s because I’m black” argument!

Should black homosexuals be allowed to have guns? Here are my thoughts on the subject in aftermath of the cold-blooded murders of a Virginia TV news crew by a black homosexual.

Your child going off to college is a proud moment until the child returns home believing it was America’s fault that Muslims murdered over 3,000 Americans in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks.

Megyn Kelly is an embarrassment and she is certainly no lady. She proved what she was when unearthed a five-year-old interview of Kelly on the Howard Stern show. First of all, no “lady” would appear on the Howard Stern Show and behave in kind to his show’s format.

Trump was not just answering questions, he was debating with Kelly and defending himself. Somehow or another, Kelly managed to ignore the fact that O’Donnell first attacked Trump.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I have learned not to trust the federal government; and I certainly do not trust the Obama government.  Something is going on that I cannot put my finger on but the numbers just do not add up.  And it comes to the Obama government where there’s smoke there is …

The difference between Dylan Roof who murdered nine members of a church in Charleston, SC and Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez the Muslim who murdered five Marines in Chattanooga, TN is easily explained. Roof was and is certifiably emotionally unstable, i.e., insane; Abdulazeez is certifiably Muslim – doing what Muslims do. Roof at one point draped himself …

The recent war of words between Donald Trump and Senator John McCain have unleashed vitriolic comments and enigmas that are troubling for a number of reasons. On the surface, the five and a half years Senator McCain spent as a POW in Vietnam is one that should earn him much respect – at least for …