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David Codrea

Gun control supporters frequently make the claim that ‘no one is coming for your guns’, but Hillary recently voiced support for MANDATORY gun confiscation.


“Progressives” would rather see you dead than armed, or even just fighting back.


It’s what he said in a clip that’s not getting much attention that illustrates the danger in presuming O’Reilly to be 2A-informed and correct.


Just imagine the “progressive” uproar if, say, a county clerk somewhere tried to impose her beliefs on the public, and posted a “No Same Sex Marriages” sign by her office door.


You’ll note The New York Times isn’t demanding to disarm cops—yet (give ’em a few years).


Bury’s ruling is not likely to lessen skepticism on the part of those who believe the system is rigged, and that for reasons yet unknown, wagons for both parties have been circled.


Occupation-based gun bans create an opportunity for a dangerous slippery slope…


If a violent criminal is so dangerous that he poses a physical threat to innocents, letting him wander freely among us makes as much sense as opening the cage and letting out a man-eating lion because it’s served a designated time.


In times of war, if you allow the enemy to establish a beachhead without a fight, it will simply use that as the launching point for the next incursion into deeper territory. The same can be said of gun control!


“White ‘Oath Keepers’ walk fully armed with automatic weapons and munitions in the streets, and say they just want to defend the Constitution…”


“Once again America grieves over a senseless tragedy caused by a mentally deranged dangerous person committing a horrible multiple murder with the use of a firearm,” the Independent Firearm Owners Association ( IFoA ) declared Thursday in a media statement prepared in response to the Roanoke murders. “Once again the Pavlovian reaction by many politicians …


The FBI has recovered a pistol that may have been privately owned and used by one of the Marines killed Thursday during the shooting at the Navy Operational Support Center according to law enforcement officials, The Washington Post reported Monday.  ‘Investigators are trying to determine, based on forensics, whether the pistol, a 9mm Glock, was used …