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A pacifist homeowner says that he was woke to find an intruder in his house, and that he fought, disarmed, shot and killed the intruder.

One of the major reasons that we seem to be having more mass shootings during this administration, is the administration’s and the media’s desire to use those shootings for political purposes.

The very IDEA of a ‘gun buy back’ would imply the firearms belonged to the government to begin with, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey (R) suggested that Christians should arm themselves. An Internet poll asks readers if they agree. What do YOU think?

Donald Trump has put his Second Amendment policy positions on his web site. The positions are enormously popular and politically INCORRECT…

TSA reports record numbers of guns in airports. As the number of concealed carry permits soars, the number of guns forgotten in carry-on bags rises.

Washington State Fair bans guns and and all weapons. Multiple State Fair workers were robbed at gun point after leaving the fair.

A Democrat is boasting about using the unrelated VA murders to push for universal background checks, not because it would have prevented the crime, but because it is the gun control he can pass.

Fatal Firearm accidents are many times lower than fatal vehicular crashes, and both numbers have been trending lower.

How many guns are stolen, and then destroyed by authorities each year? It is an insignificant percentage of the total private firearms stock.

Mayor Caldwell of Honolulu made the decision to destroy $500,000 worth of Smith & Wesson pistols rather than sell them to police, proving the Caldwell administration is deeply dysfunctional.

The concealed handgun carrier was robbed of his handgun in a strong arm robbery. The story illustrates one of the disadvantages of concealed carry, as well as what happens when you have ZERO situational awareness.

In Porterville California, a man who killed two robbers was found not guilty, except for a weapons charge…

Some people say the fastest way to continue firing when your gun runs dry is to grab another gun. It is called a “New York reload”. It happened to a woman protecting her children in northern Idaho, not far from the scene of the famous Ruby Ridge case. The red area inside the county map …

A Michigan judge upheld the right of people with concealed carry permits to carry guns in schools. To be legal, the guns have to be carried openly. Do you agree with the judge’s decision?