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A person was attacked by an overly aggressive goose that clamped down on their clothing in an unprovoked attack.  The person’s dog jumped to the rescue and grabbed the goose by the neck.  The goose was a real gamer but finally, the dog was able to pull it away.


People can get crazy in how they treat their pets.  Between dressing dogs in fancy outfits to carrying them around in a purse, to buying car palaces for our feline friends to live and play, we go nuts for our pets.  Sure, they become part of the family, so why shouldn’t they sleep in the …


Thanks to liberal diversification plans, Denmark has quickly become a breeding ground for Muslim migrant crime. The area use to be an amazing tourist location but is now filled with dangerous ghettos where refugees, and mostly Muslim men, have turned it into an area run by Sharia law.  An area that has become especially dangerous …


WARNING: This video contains graphic content that may be disturbing to some viewers.