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Rand Paul was the first of Donald Trump‘s rivals to go on the attack against him at last week’s Republican debate, right after Trump got booed for refusing to commit to the GOP.


Trump simply said he’s not politically correct, and that was it. But Carson thinks there’s a line you can cross when you’re being politically incorrect…


Kelly said, “I don’t think that my history as a journalist supports bias on my part towards either party… When I’m ticking off both sides, I’m in my sweet spot.”


A poll released on Sunday seems to show that Americans aren’t shaken, distracted or snowed by ambush of the FOX news GOP debate that has left some with the impression their “fair and balanced” coverage was running interference for establishment favorite Jeb Bush. And all the hub-bub after between Trump and Megyn Kelly hasn’t changed the …


Bill Maher returned from break on Friday night to react to Donald Trump‘s “nonsense” campaign and said that people shouldn’t count him out yet and like him or loathe him, Maher makes a very good point.


Donald Trump was scheduled to appear at the RedState gathering on Saturday, but organizer Erick Erickson shut that down over Trump’s comments about Megyn Kelly.


On Friday night Donald Trump continued to rip Megyn Kelly on CNN for having the audacity to ask him tough questions at a presidential debate.


Gutfeld tweeted about the comments Trump made on CNN and was kind of amazed no one there followed up on it…


People were so upset about how Megyn Kelly treated Donald Trump on Thursday last night, they started a petition to kick her out of all future debates.


When another social issue came up, Starnes was unhappy that the question wasn’t “What would you do about the new fascist threat in the gaystapo?”


Ben Carson said America as we know it will disappear if Donald Trump mounts a third-party run.


Levin said of her question, “I’m getting tired of these lies and these attacks on Trump. I don’t like bullies.”


Donald Trump called into CNN tonight to continue complaining to Don Lemon about how mean Megyn Kelly was to him. He actually said, “There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her… wherever.” He repeatedly said he has no respect for her, called her vastly overrated, dismissed her “ridiculous questions,” and basically crowed …


Former Fox News employee Dick Morris isn’t particularly happy with his ex-network ver last night’s debate and what he believes it says about the direction the channel is headed. The former pollster and Clinton adviser joined NewsMax TV’s Steve Malzberg, who remarked that despite being on Fox News the debate felt like as though it …


Donald Trump has been having kind of a meltdown today over last night’s Fox News debate. He repeatedly ripped Megyn Kelly for asking “unfair” questions, re-tweeted someone calling her a “bimbo,” and went after Frank Luntz for cobbling together a biased focus group because that’s the only explanation for why they didn’t all LOVE him. Trump …


An entire Fox News panel tonight absolutely savaged Donald Trump for complaining all day about perfectly fair debate questions and further showing how thin-skinned he is.