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I learned a little bit about the Donald Trump phenomenon after my appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel show this week, as my comments led to galactic feedback on Twitter — some positive, some negative. Hannity showed segments of his interview with Trump and asked me and the other guests to respond to various …


In the Cleveland debate, Donald Trump refused to commit to support whomever the Republican Party nominates in 2016. Trump would be wise to maintain his freedom of action. For there is a plot afoot in The Washington Post Conservative Club to purge Trump from the Republican Party before the primaries begin. “A political party has …


On Tuesday, Jesse Ventura floated the idea of maybe being the number two on a Donald Trump ticket.


In response to Donald Trump‘s attacks on Megyn Kelly, Ted Nugent made some, um, weird remarks about watching the Fox News anchor while naked in talking about Kelly’s question to Trump about his past sexist remarks.


Kelly grilled Trump on his past sexist comments during last week’s big GOP debate and Trump threw a temper tantrum and attacked Kelly personally over it.


Paul told O’Reilly Factor guest host Eric Bolling that the tea party was meant as a rebellion against fake conservatives and government-growing Republicans like Trump.


The problem the GOP now faces is the same one that caused me to leave the party and become an Independent a few decades ago. Back then, I couldn’t stand how Republican candidates preferred to sling mud instead of offer substance and vision. I couldn’t stand how they not only positioned themselves as the party …


If you missed all the ins and outs of the first GOP primary debate’s hottest rivalry, here it is, as told through Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video.


After receiving some crucial debate advice from President Barack Obama last week, Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump was back last night to address his controversial comments about Megyn Kelly’s “wherever.” Just as he characterized anyone who thought he was talking about Kelly’s period as a “deviant,” Trump also defended comments he made about his wife’s “melons” and …


Host Steve Doocy asked Trump about his plans to deal with ISIS. But whether he was confused or misspoke, Trump started talking about Iran.


Some Trump supporters may be blind followers who would trail him over a cliff, but most are people who see their country disintegrating and having no effective means of turning it around.


If his Republican opponents will not take down Donald Trump, Fox News will not only show them how it is done. Fox News will do the job for them. That is the message that came out loud and clear from last Thursday’s debate in Cleveland, which was viewed by the largest cable audience ever to …


Rand Paul was the first of Donald Trump‘s rivals to go on the attack against him at last week’s Republican debate, right after Trump got booed for refusing to commit to the GOP.


Trump simply said he’s not politically correct, and that was it. But Carson thinks there’s a line you can cross when you’re being politically incorrect…


Kelly said, “I don’t think that my history as a journalist supports bias on my part towards either party… When I’m ticking off both sides, I’m in my sweet spot.”


A poll released on Sunday seems to show that Americans aren’t shaken, distracted or snowed by ambush of the FOX news GOP debate that has left some with the impression their “fair and balanced” coverage was running interference for establishment favorite Jeb Bush. And all the hub-bub after between Trump and Megyn Kelly hasn’t changed the …


Bill Maher returned from break on Friday night to react to Donald Trump‘s “nonsense” campaign and said that people shouldn’t count him out yet and like him or loathe him, Maher makes a very good point.