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Check out these hilarious textbook pictures that somehow slipped through the cracks.  I have to say, it’s no wonder today’s kids aren’t too bright. Daily Mail has the full story: Textbooks are designed to inform rather than entertain – whether they’re guiding you through algebra or the difference between stalactites and stalagmites. But these images …

Why hello there, buddy. When this lizard actively responded to the human waving to him or not it’s still incredibly cool to watch. H/T Mashable

Caught “red handed”, this video will have you rollin. What better time to cause mischief than when everyone is asleep. Dad didn’t think this it was too funny. Busted! Check it out.

Okay, brace yourself…because what you’re about to see is some of the most perverted, yet funny, images you’ve ever seen.

I have to admit, I had NO IDEA what some of these thing were called. Couldn’t help but laugh. Check it out. 1. The small metal cover between the pencil and the eraser is called a ferrule. CC BY-SA 3.0 / Frank C. Müller / / Via 2. Ever wonder why some binders …