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If it was truly about ‘safety’, why doesn’t the government do anything about medical malpractice that kills more than 100,000 people each year?


Obama, being the race-baiting P.O.S. that he is, said at a private meeting, “this new [gun control] plan will start saving lives, especially black lives, right away.” I guess anyone who isn’t “BLACK” is up sh*t creek without a paddle.


You can try to do what Australia did and…ban all guns? That’s not at all what they did, but whatever. Go big or go home for a Gun-Free America, right?


Carson’s comments have liberal heads spinning, but others agree. What do YOU think?


I cannot hide my anger and disgust for truly dangerously stupid and mentally illogical people. Now comes the Roseburg area Umpqua College murdering sociopath’s nut cake’ Euro-trash dad calling for more gun control in our country.


When we allow so-called ‘gun free zones’ to go unchecked, we put EVERY PERSON who enters those ‘gun free zones’ in danger.


Carolyn Kellim is an 86 year old gun store owner in Roseberg, Oregon.  The same town where Christopher Harper-Mercer murdered 9 people and at Umpqua Community College just days ago.  Kellim has publicly taken a stand against President Obama and his opportunistic behavior following the tragedy in her community.  Kellim said that she is sick …


Jackass LeBron James has voiced his solution for gun confiscation, while he and other elites have the privilege of armed security.


Residents in Roseberg, Oregon, are rallying around the Second Amendment in the wake of the heinous attack on Umpqua Community College…


This time the culprit was a homosexual, black, self-avowed racist who considered himself a victim…but you’ll hear no mention of that from the liberal media.


Anti-gun activist Leah Gunn Barrett said that women shouldn’t be allowed to carry firearms. “Women are not physically powerful like men are. A gun could easily be turned on the woman, and it is frequently.”


Several weeks ago we alerted our readers that the City of Honolulu and the police department were intent on destroying over 2,300 used firearms worth an estimated $575,000…


Wicked people want to disarm the citizenry & use verbal subterfuge to disguise their intent on more gun control. Whether they’re evil or stupid, gun control promoters are bad news…


Proving that gun grabbers are clueless, Parker admits that gun violence restraining orders wouldn’t have saved his daughter’s life, but he is determined to push them anyway.


‘You’re too stupid to own a gun!’ That’s what it comes down to. That is what liberals wish you, a proud American, will believe about yourself.


Where does Trump stand on gun control? Here are a few interesting words from the outspoken presidential candidate.