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“I’m all for it,” she declared “tax directly the purveyors of violence.”


Seattle passed the Firearm Tax and Ammunition Tax ordinance which imposes a $25 sales tax on retail sales of firearms, plus a per-round sales tax of two to five cents on ammunition. A city report describes this as a “gun violence tax”.


Once again, anti-gun activists in Seattle have chosen to violate the Washington State Constitution and trample upon the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens…


Such an ordinance would simply force the law-abiding to pay for the actions of criminals.


On August 10 2015, the Seattle City Council ignored Washington’s preemptive statute on gun laws and unanimously passed a five cent tax that will be applied to every bullet sold within city limits. The ordinance will also place a $25 tax on every firearm sold in city limits. Breitbart News previously reported the tax was …


Counter to Washington state law, Seattle City Council President Tim Burgess has announced plans for a local ordinance that would impose new taxes on firearms and ammunition sold within city limits. The proposal lays out a $25 tax on firearms and $.05 for every round of ammunition sold. The city council’s Education and Governance Committee …