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Illinois State Rifle Association

Not every mayor in the world is as empty headed on guns as some mayors in the United States…


Lawful firearm owners WILL NOT take it on the chin because a bigot decided to murder Christian people!


The following was released today by the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA): “A pathetic and cynical slap at the civil rights movement” is how the ISRA is describing a lawsuit filed yesterday by a group of plaintiffs that includes renegade priest Michael Pfleger. The lawsuit contends that free exercise of the 2nd Amendment violates the …


Summer is bearing down upon us and with it all the great summer shooting activities. I urge you to take part in all those that interest you. I attended a local sportsman’s club meeting and was pleasantly surprised to find out that trap shooters in the area (around Chatsworth, Illinois) could find a trap club …