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For over 2000 years, Christians all over the world have been persecuted. Brutally murdered in horrific ways simply for their faith. While the media has stayed mostly silent on the topic, their perpetrators have gotten louder and bolder in how and where they spread their message. ISIS is now recruiting fanatics specifically to eliminate Christians …


Watch as Ben Shapiro blows the claim the Islam is a “peaceful” religion out of the water with a little bit of simple math.


“This is something we do not want here” he continued, and announced he is preparing to build a wall.


Its not every day that Islam provides a story that isn’t repulsive or horrific, however, today we found a video of this Islamic terrorist group in the Philippines that has decided to name itself “MILF” …for some reason.  They decided to video tape themselves in the middle of deadly combat with SAF government troops and …


Obama and his cabinet of liars would like you to believe that Islam is a religion of peace and that the despicable acts of a few radicalized Muslims is limited to ISIS type groups. Here are Muslim German citizens bragging about a room full of Muslim men raping a young girl – sick.  Spread the …


This teen prankster gets way more than he bargained for when he convinces a few of his Muslim friends to try what they think is turkey-bacon.  


Considering what just took place in Paris, is this really a good idea?! Is there really any question now as to whose side Obama is on?!


There are reportedly 4,000 covert terrorists already in place ‘awaiting’ orders, and Obama is welcoming them with open arms.


At least one terrorist in the deadly Paris attacks registered as a refugee, but that won’t stop Barack Obama from bringing Syrian Muslim “refugees” to the U.S.


“…what we’re looking at today is going to look like the good old days compared to the future.”


The Jewish community of France called for a “world war against the monstrosity of Jihadist fanaticism” on Saturday after massive terrorist attacks that struck Paris on Friday night.


The following content may be disturbing for some viewers. Viewer discretion is STRONGLY advised.


Following the massive terrorist attacks that hit Paris, Muslims from around the world are making it clear ISIS does not represent their values.


One day before the massive Islamist attacks in Paris Obama, bragged on Good Morning America “We have contained them.”


The Anti-Defamation League calls Oath Keepers and The Three Percenters — extremists, anti-government, and potentially dangerous.


THIS is the country that Obama is giving NUKES to?! Make no mistake, OBAMA IS THE ENEMY WITHIN and ANYONE who sides with him is a TRAITOR to America!