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It’s amusing to watch reporters lose it when called on the carpet for their ideological behavior. Donald Trump does this all the time and it’s apparent that they hate when he does, so I say keep it up, Mr. President, because these people hate your guts and want nothing more than to destroy your presidency. …


Syrian Jihadi parents kiss their daughters goodbye right before they walk into a Damascus police station and are blown up by remote detonator. The video shows the girls parents lecturing them on what it means to be a real Muslim as they say goodbye in their puffy overcoats and hats.  The girls were 7 and …


Syed Zain Abedin, father of Huma Abedin, and Saudi-sponsored Islamist scholar believes that “every self-respecting Muslim is an Islamic fundamentalist” and Muslims have the right to “take up arms” for Allah. “Islam permits the use of forceful means,” and that carrying out martyrdom operations may be necessary in the cause of Allah.” A horrifying thought coming from …


THIS is the country that Obama is giving NUKES to?! Make no mistake, OBAMA IS THE ENEMY WITHIN and ANYONE who sides with him is a TRAITOR to America!


Libyan Army Evicted After Going on Rape Jihad… in the UK From Daniel Greenfield, Front Page Mag At least they were the “moderate” Rape Jihadists. Just imagine if they had imported the “extremists”.  Thousands of UK girls would have… oh yes that actually happened too. Maybe the UK needs some sort of military and domestic …


As a native Virginian I especially appreciate this bit of comic genius. We are certainly going to miss this genuine American patriot. [youtube]