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Mass murders

One of the major reasons that we seem to be having more mass shootings during this administration, is the administration’s and the media’s desire to use those shootings for political purposes.


Leaders in Roseburg openly decried Obama’s gun control push & specifically asking him not to come to their town & politicize their agony…


Hard evidence, not news commentary & conjecture, clearly shows that the only known way to actually stop mass murderers is to shoot them…


In Obama’s speech on the Umpqua Community College shooting, no heartache or grief could be heard but outrage at America’s Second Amendment advocates was apparent.


I cannot hide my anger and disgust for truly dangerously stupid and mentally illogical people. Now comes the Roseburg area Umpqua College murdering sociopath’s nut cake’ Euro-trash dad calling for more gun control in our country.


The gunman probably knew that the facility was a gun free facility, which is an easy target for cowardly individuals…


Facts will not stop the enemies of freedom from blaming YOU for this horrible crime, & calling for more restrictions on your Second Amendment rights!


Lawful firearm owners WILL NOT take it on the chin because a bigot decided to murder Christian people!


Despite what they say the shooting was for real, but the conspiracy theorists do have one thing right: it IS being used to push for more gun control…


Virginia Citizens Defense League president, Phillip Van Cleave and other VCDL members were interviewed by Virginia news crew killer, Vester Flanagan…


Since we no longer have mental illness hospitals, people who are genuinely mentally ill are now freely mixed-in with the general population…resulting in catastrophic consequences.


Will this send a strong enough message to future shooters in gun free zones where they know they will be the only one carrying a gun? Hardly. But there is an effective deterrent to keep dirt bags for murdering.


GOA’s Erich Pratt discusses the Chattanooga shooting. Did an armed serviceman deliver the killing bullet that stopped the Chattanooga terrorist gunman? Pratt discusses this and other questions such as: Have there been would-be massacres that were stopped by armed civilians; what are the chances (and the strategy) for passing legislation to repeal gun free zones; …


There is much speculation about how to identify people at risk of committing violence, in order to preempt their possessing firearms. This ignores risks from violence done with, say, hands and knives, but it’s a worthy goal. However, it’s not one easily accomplished—and risks restricting Second Amendment rights from too many people who don’t present …


That’s right, there was a mass murder in which five people were killed and one other seriously injured in Oklahoma a few days ago that the media is virtually ignoring. Why is this criminal act being skipped by the national media? Because no guns were used in the crime. The young man the police say …


“If God does not exist, then everything is permissible.” Ivan Karamazov’s insight came to mind while watching the video of Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood describe, as she sipped wine and tasted a salad, how she harvests the organs of aborted babies for sale to select customers. “Yesterday was the first time … people wanted …


The FBI indicates alleged Chattanooga gunman Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez had three firearms with him on July 16 2015 – two long guns and one handgun. The FBI also indicates Abdulazeez bought at least “some” of the guns “legally.” That means he bought “some” of the guns the same way that Dylann Roof (Charleston), Elton Simpson and Nadir …