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Nothing makes New World Order globalists angrier than patriotic displays of nationalism. President Donald Trump infuriated the left when he selected “Make America Great Again” as his 2016 campaign slogan. They hated it so much that he revised it to outrage them even more this year. Now that President Trump’s policies are paying off, he …

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The Left are the Left are the Left.  They act via group-think, like the Borg on Start Trek: Next Generation.  What one thinks and believes, so do the rest of the collective, regardless of empirical evidence showing the contrary.  Except there is no assimilation with modern-day liberals.  You’re either in the collective, agreeing with everything …


Whatever becomes of Trump the candidate, Trumpism, i.e., economic and foreign policy nationalism, appears ascendant. If there is a single theme behind his message, it would seem to be a call for a New Nationalism or New Patriotism.