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After the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina, protests ensued leaving 16 officers injured. One man was caught on video by reporters  prior to the protests saying “Just know that all white people are f***king devils,”.  And  “All white cops are f***king devils and white people.” The protests and looting took place …


Charlotte, North Carolina, is erupting in protests after police shot a man in the parking lot of an apartment complex


On Thursday night, a deaf man was fatally shot by a state trooper in North Carolina.


An independent presidential candidate named Deez Nuts is polling at near double-digits in some primary states….


Councilman James Taylor said that the name elicits anger, and the city should replace the word “Dixie,” with a name “everyone can appreciate.”


Anti-gun extremists, such as former New York City Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, are funneling out-of-state money into North Carolina in an effort to derail the Second Amendment Affirmation Act, House Bill 562.  As previously reported, the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association (NCSA) is also working against this bill.  Both misguided efforts are focused on trying to …


from Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society The really shocking case is the Republican campaign worker who calls her boss, the campaign manager, to see if it is OK for a non-citizen to vote for the opposition, and the boss says, “YES!” What the….?! No wonder Republicans have been getting their asses kicked!


A poster at, Southern Covenanter, recounts an ironic experience in Charlotte, North Carolina.    From I made it a point to stop and meet my parents for lunch in Pineville while I was passing through town, and after I left, I stopped at the QT on Woodlawn Road (right off I-77 where Woodlawn …


Back on August 18th 2014, the Rowan County Planning Board presented to the Rowan County Commissioners their recommendation to finally comply with provisions of HB937, which was enacted into law July 2013, and effective as of October 1st, 2013. (Rowan County, like many others has an outdated and illegal prohibition on concealed carry in its public parks …