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Oregon Shooting

When it comes to the second amendment, Trump GETS IT as does anyone else with a shred of intelligence. Criminals LOVE gun-free zones!

“I want to plant in people’s minds what to do in a situation like this,” Carson said. Do YOU agree with Carson’s comments?

Rand Paul argued against making schools gun-free zones, and instead offered an alternative. Do you agree with his suggestion?

Reacting to Carson’s comments, Downing told CNN, “I’m fairly upset he said that…”

One of the survivors of the Oregon school shooting was chosen by the gunman, deemed the “lucky one,” and given an envelope to hand to the police.

Carson’s comments have liberal heads spinning, but others agree. What do YOU think?

Jackass LeBron James has voiced his solution for gun confiscation, while he and other elites have the privilege of armed security.