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A new poll suggests that most American are afraid that there will be large amounts of election day violence, and they may be right. Over the last few months things have gotten horrible as the left and right battle it out not only in the media but on the ground as well. No matter who …


Chicago has decided to take their high murder rate more seriously and Amazon is complying with their ridiculous demands. City ordinance absolutely ban anything that could resemble “Replica firearms and pellet guns”, and Amazon has taken it upon themselves to partner with Chicago gun banners and not ship orders of children’s TOYS to this area. Talk …


There is a killer clown epidemic crippling America and we have found the perfect gun to kill clowns.


Proposition 63  will be on the November ballot and its goal is to shut down “high-capacity” magazine use. It will also require that law abiding citizens have a full background check in order to purchase ammunition in the state of CA. California is becoming more communist by the second, fight it or flee at this point. …


When she’s finished, there will be no one in this nation legally owning a gun.


Kaine pledged that he and Clinton would push for “common sense” gun control legislation nationwide.


More than ever, we need to hold onto our guns and protect our Second Amendment rights. Liberals like to play up the danger of guns and constantly try to take a swipe at them everytime tragedy hits. With liberal media not helping the situation, it’s nice to know what the facts are and the Crime …


After the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina, protests ensued leaving 16 officers injured. One man was caught on video by reporters  prior to the protests saying “Just know that all white people are f***king devils,”.  And  “All white cops are f***king devils and white people.” The protests and looting took place …


While politicians continue to push for tougher gun laws, more innocent lives are tragically lost.


Only a narcissistic megalomaniac would seize the moment to do exactly what Obama did – turning the tragedy into a treatise about themselves.


Carson’s comments have liberal heads spinning, but others agree. What do YOU think?


Donald Trump has put his Second Amendment policy positions on his web site. The positions are enormously popular and politically INCORRECT…


I found myself subject to a progressive hate beyond disagreement. An ignorance beyond not seeing eye to eye. I found myself brutally #DeletedByAProgressive …


The agency told the Bebers in documents that “the incident did not describe an adult exercising sound judgment”, after screams were heard outside their home…


Where does Trump stand on gun control? Here are a few interesting words from the outspoken presidential candidate.