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Universal Background Checks

Obama is weighing the option of using an executive order to circumvent Congress and make background checks a requirement for certain private sellers.


Obama, being the race-baiting P.O.S. that he is, said at a private meeting, “this new [gun control] plan will start saving lives, especially black lives, right away.” I guess anyone who isn’t “BLACK” is up sh*t creek without a paddle.


Hard evidence, not news commentary & conjecture, clearly shows that the only known way to actually stop mass murderers is to shoot them…


This time the culprit was a homosexual, black, self-avowed racist who considered himself a victim…but you’ll hear no mention of that from the liberal media.


A Democrat is boasting about using the unrelated VA murders to push for universal background checks, not because it would have prevented the crime, but because it is the gun control he can pass.


The National Instant Check System, or NICS, the computerized system used to perform background checks on retail gun buyers, has been operational since 1998, as part of the 1993 Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. The concept of an “instant” check was put forward by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, or NSSF, the trade association for …


Why would Bloomberg’s paid shill’s feel the need to dump millions into ads for a bill that has already passed? Well there is a backlash and it’s been building…


How much did ALL the pro-Second Amendment groups spend? Ready? Not so much at $88,000…


Universal Background Checks (UBC) are where all gun sales, including private sales, must be run through a government background-check system. While that seems innocent enough, it isn’t.


The latest numbers are in from the State Police, and they once again prove what a massive fraud the background check system is and how much worse things will get when SB 941’s firearms transfer provisions kick in in early August. While 129 transactions were denied in June (including 95 “felons”, 13 people actively “wanted”and 5 adjudicated …


Months after the failed attempt at passing universal background checks in the U.S. Senate, New Jersey’s “junior varsity” Senator, Cory Booker, sent a letter to constituents doubling down on his support for universal background checks. The former Mayor of one of New Jersey’s most murder filled cities, Newark, NJ, Booker, hits all the gun banner …


In the wake of the Sunday shootout between outlaw biker gangs in Waco, Texas, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is stressing that outlaw biker gangs would not have guns if legislators expanded background checks. According to The Hill, Moms Demand Action’s Texas leader, Angela Turner, said, “There is no single solution to …


Crime and criminal violence tend to go up or down due to a variety of factors, many of them apparently not yet identified by criminologists and sociologists. Poverty, the economy, unemployment, and illegal drugs are frequently point to as major factors, but for the past 7 years, as the US has gone through one of …


Today’s revelation that Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety” lobbying organization has donated another million dollars to the already-swollen Initiative 594 campaign war chest (read: Giant Gun Control Scam In The Name Of Background Checks) confirms that a “handful of billionaires” are intent on buying the November election, and along with it, the privacy rights of Washington State …