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Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill has opened up an investigation into the election between Doug Jones and Roy Moore in their Senate race after a video of an out of state Jones supporter apparently confesses to committing voter fraud. After Jones was projected as the winner of the election,  Kati Weis of Fox 10 interviewed …


On Tuesday night, James O’Keefe of project veritas appeared on the Sean Hannity Show(radio)  and revealed that he had hundreds of hours of video on fake news CNN.  Well, he didn’t say those words but he definitely implied it very heavily.  The mole will have to quit now because it will be ridiculously easy to …


Police in Florida are searching for a man who shot and killed Gary Wallock, 34, in an ambush killing.  The gunman shot 25 times and hit Wallock 13 times.  He also fired at Wallock’s girlfriend but missed. Gary Wallock, 34, was walking to his car in the parking lot outside the Lobster and Seafood Warehouse in …


If you are an American who happens to be white and you’re tired of being blamed for the bad decisions and misfortunes of others, this two minute video is for you!


Who and/or what has done more damage?  The Confederate Flag or the blacks who destroyed Baltimore, MD and Ferguson, MO.? Why not throw out Obama and Congress? They have hurt us more than the Confederate ever has and ever will. ©2015 The Daily Rant. Website:


The new excuse blacks are now using is “white people do it.”  Which begs the response “so what.”  Even if that’s true to the extent blacks using same for an excuse would have us believe, why copy bad behavior? If that’s true, why not turn the tables and set the standard for good behavior? …


During his first election campaign Obama promised that if elected he would end racial divisions and treat everyone fairly. Nearly seven years later, he has not treated everyone fairly, in fact, his Justice Department has made it clear they would not pursue civil rights cases only if the aggrieved were black. As for promoting harmony, …


Welp. This was inevitable. No matter how desperately Sony Pictures tries to prevent The Interview from seeing the light of day following terror threats from North Korea-sponsored hackers, the climactic scene in which Dear Leader Kim Jong-Un is killed (in extraordinarily violent fashion) has leaked onto the Internet. Suffice it to say: From here on out, …


  SNL actually finds a way to make something so tragic look funny. I wonder if they can do a skit about 9/11.


from Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society The really shocking case is the Republican campaign worker who calls her boss, the campaign manager, to see if it is OK for a non-citizen to vote for the opposition, and the boss says, “YES!” What the….?! No wonder Republicans have been getting their asses kicked!