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Virginia Governor Ralph Northam sunk low enough on Wednesday to declare a state of emergency over the upcoming “Lobby Day” Second Amendment rally. He’s terrified that “white nationalists and hate groups” will cause “violence, rioting, and insurrection.” At the very least, they’re expected to “intimidate and cause harm.” American Thinker pundit Catherine Evans was quick …


Despite what they say the shooting was for real, but the conspiracy theorists do have one thing right: it IS being used to push for more gun control…


His daughter wasn’t yet buried but Andy Parker, father of murdered WDBJ reporter Alison Parker, wasted no time in jumping on the gun-control wagon.


Virginia Citizens Defense League president, Phillip Van Cleave and other VCDL members were interviewed by Virginia news crew killer, Vester Flanagan…


So typical of the gun control advocates, like Governor McAuliffe, to dance in the blood of the innocent.


Universal Background Checks (UBC) are where all gun sales, including private sales, must be run through a government background-check system. While that seems innocent enough, it isn’t.


Virginia Citizens Defense League now has a great new video showing non-gun owners who we are! The interviews were all done at this years Lobby Day in Richmond and features a variety of Virginia Citizens Defense League members. Please spread far and wide to promote both Virginia Citizens Defense League and gun ownership in general. …


Moms Demand Action is about to spend big bucks. Are they using the money to do something about the massive number of shootings in Chicago? Well, no. That’s never been on their radar. Are they using the money to try to lower the violent crime rate in DC? Hmmm. No. They don’t seem concerned about …