Trump Protester Explains To CNN They Are Protesting Because “People Are Sad And Scared”

The delicate snowflake came out of hiding to tell the media that they are really scared of Trump and that’s why they are protesting.

According to Mediate, During an interview on CNN this morning, a college student who has been organizing anti-Trump protests in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory explained that people are demonstrating because they are “really scared and sad.”

Speaking to host Carol Costello, Zoe Hannah answered Costello’s question on why many are taking to the street now that the American people have spoken. Hannah had previously noted that protests had been occurring throughout the campaign and Costello informed her that it was now over.

“I think right now the protests are mostly about solidarity and being together,” Hannah said. “People are really scared and sad.”

“Basically, anybody who is not a white man doesn’t know if they’re going to be safe in this country for the next four years,” Hannah added.

She also told Costello that there was a shock people are feeling “that is just so paralyzing.”

Hannah also brought up Trump’s comments about grabbing women and bragging about sexual assault, stating that it is “terrifying” for women like here who have experienced those things.

It’s going to be a long hard 4 years for these kids, but hopefully that will give them enough time to heal and move forward. Good luck millenial liberals!

Source: Mediate

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